2019/07/16 00:00:00

Important Change Announcement to King Cobra.

Welcome to King Cobra Concentrates,
we know that we have not updated our landing page for weeks to inform people of what is happening. KCC has decided to delay the launch of a brand new site, and wholesale platform because we felt that the site needed to reflect the change in direction of our business model. So we have been building a new site from scratch.
We felt in order to provide our existing, and future customers the best possible online platform we can offer, a new site would be the best decision. The goal is to launch our new site on July 12/2019 and you will be notified as soon as we go live through whatever platform you chose to connect with us with. KC thanks you for your patience, and we apologize for not keeping you folks up to date on our current site status, and the future of our business.

I used to be a retail customer what can I do?

King Cobra products are available at various other vendors, we know it’s inconvenient but if you send us a quick email at info@kingcobraconetrates.ca we will send you a vendors list.

I am currently a wholesale buyer and need to make an order?

We are still taking orders during this transition period, all you need to do is contact your King Cobra sales sales rep and they will be able to set up your order manually.

I am a new wholesale buyer what can I do?

Our site will be back up sometime on June 3/2019 and you will have access to everything you need to either purchase straight from the site or in the least have the information to get yourself started as a wholesale buyer.

If you cannot wait and would like to contact a sales rep immediately please email us at info@kingcobraconcentrates.ca

I had a retail account before, what will happen with my information?

Our Privacy Policy has not changed on sharing customers information, and we are strict on this. Every customer has the right to request that their information be completely removed from the our systems. However, King Cobra will be offering all our retail customers a special opportunity for discounts, in which you may want to keep your account active in the meantime. Details will be announced and offered to all retail customers once the new website is live.

If you would like us to remove your account and information immediately please contact us at info@kingcobraconcentrates.ca.

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