Thank You for visiting kingcobracocentrates.co. King Cobra was launched in the month of June, in the year of 2018, and has been operating for just over a year now. The King Cobra brand started with having the kahunas to use their savings and risk going into debt, but with having a genuine passion to grow cannabis, the founders kept at it and now own a budding small business. It has taken the almost a decade before they perfected a recipe and growing technique.

The King Cobra idea to start experimenting with the production of THC Distillate, CBD isolate, and other concentrates began in the year of 2016. It took them two years of experimenting with extraction methods before their concentrates became good enough to sell. All of the King Cobra friends, family, and their community of local buyers suggested to start a brand, and this was the beginning of King Cobra.

After operating King Cobra for a year, KC experienced learning curves that resulted in having to change their business model. Then in the month of June 2019, King Cobra Concentrates was acquired by the Canna Collective Company, this was the perfect time to change their business model offering only Wholesale.

King Cobra is really excited to offer Vendors, and even individuals wholesale pricing with a minimum quantity. The King Cobra Krew looks forward to connecting with everyone that has an interest in THC and CBD concentrates.

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